Pavé Community

When I opened the shop at the beginning of the year, One of my intentions was to focus on creating community by bringing people together on group rides. The first ride we did was on Wednesday 9th of February. It was dark and cold. We did 37 km through the city and ended up having a beer in Újezd. There were 7 people on mixed bikes, some on gravel, others on road bikes. Based on the vibe of the group I knew we were on the right track.

The next day I set myself a goal, I wanted to do the rides regularly and have at least one ride with 10 and more people. It didn't take long, the daylight was getting longer and we were having more and more people joining our rides. Soon we reached the number of 10 and what's most important the core group that is showing up regularly was starting to build.

In April we did first longer weekend ride when we watched the epic Tour of Flanders finish after the ride, we did Plzen-Praha, Praha-Usti when we attended one of our guys exhibition, when the weather wasn’t good, we met for a beer, we also went to see another exhibitions.

But Pavé Cycling Community isn’t just about the core cyclist group, we also did a social ride, we met many international people, who are joining the rides whenever their busy schedule lets them. So far we had people from 15 countries joining our rides.

I would also love to mention the two TTs we did and especially the second one, when the weather wasn’t good and the guys still showed up and gave their best.

Those are the moments that motivates us to keep going and keep improving the rides, events and the whole social aspect of the shop.

To everyone who joined our rides,

Thank you